As always,im busy with school sey skrg.
Baru start sekolah macam primary ONE jeeeee.
ader org antar & amek balek. =)
New friend found !
ah tu je aku nak blg pasal sekolah baru aku tu.
Sekolah Ang Mo Kio la,where u can find apes! =)

see the time now la.
aku still online,tak best tu! =)
i'll update if aku free la.
Encik Saiful Ahmad, Thanks for raising UP your voice towards me the other time ok. Time:7.36
Date:12 December 2007
Venue: Inside MAKAKU car.

Permulaan *wink*, You dislike Nurul Nadhyrah visit her father due to you were jealous.I'm not putting words inside your mouth tau,for your info.Mum claimed that herself.For your info lagikan ENCIK SAIFUL, being the only child for SIXTEEN YEARS is so different then taking care of a child for 4 years ONLY ok.I've to agree,I'M PAMPERED DAUGHTER nak mampos.You don't have to make it directly cos i already know.HAHA! My dad (Norzainy Bin Zainal),have been treating me veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome since i was born.YES!,he IS strict.He can be a Daddy with No hearts at times,Isnt that the way to raise children at this era anyway? -.-' But mind you,ENCIK SAIFUL AHMAD,MOST of the time he is the "AWESOME DADDY" i always looooooooooove.Make it short & simple eh.

Money is equivalent to LOVE!
My Mummy(Kusumawaty Binte Muhd Nor) is the ONLY person in da house you LOVE!
Keeping quite IS the wayyyyyyy to solve things out with a TEENAGE GIRL. Saying "EH,u better not to talk to your mum like that ok i TELL you" WILL make me go "alamak takot nyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aku!" *insert muke MALAS NAK LAYAN KAT CNIE!*

Syafiq Syahmi nie giler nak mampos.We played games using liquid sweet which taste sedapppppp giler! HAHAHA! sorry la yer if the background voice sounds kinky atau irritaing.SUMPAH tu abg sedare dier.HAHAHAH! && aku jugak tukang ktawer & amek video je la eh.HAHAHA! Aper nak buat.ENJOYYYYYYS!

Sumpah aku malas nak update && yeah im chging my url veryyyyy soon! Pasal i used people email.THENTHEN dah guy already MIA for *fuckkkkkkkkking* reason.Once i changed and start afresh.I'll update frequently ok? HAHA !

Every girls will go through what u going through recently.I myself have been in that situation like 1234567890? times.I've to admit that the feelings is like !@#$ totally but that doesn't mean u've to stop there.You still have your other girlfriends to count on too,which i believe we can give you more joy and happiness.Let him have his own way to breathe for now & babygirl u've to find ur own path to breathe too,be it in a group or alone.(: My girlfriends have a voluptuous body & beauty of herself.Babygirl,please be urself.Erase of the moody moody BABYGIRL & be the want who always goooo with the flooooooow ~ *groovy beat!*
I LOVE YOU BABYGIRL! && to my other babygirls,i love you all too la syg!~ HAHA!
For further details about where am i on Saturday please visit my sepet senile girlfriend (!(:

Frankly,i don't deserved this in anyway honey.Never in life i believe in commitment.With you,every single thing i dislike & never think off,i started to envy them.I tried my very best to stabilise our relationship,but it need two hands to clap.Ever since you played the game called "Pretentious Love" with her,i didn't catch ur back.I didn't stalk you,i didn't pester you NEITHER do i contact you for that period of time.I follow with the flow for 2 weeks? My instinct tell me that between YOU&ME will be obviously different ever since Zatiey's Birthday.I didn't put high hopes due to i don't have a clue for us to start a new faze.I prepared everything in hand & i tried my best to overcome it in anyway.Thank God,we start a new faze on 4Th October.Remember? We spilled everything into each other eyes that night.We agreed to overcome and solve things maturely with both hands held tightly and not to let it go in any circumstances,i hope it works(:

Whatever we going through now,please bare in mind,
Nadd still care for you,there's no reason for her to stop..Not at Nadd dictionary!
Please changed your mind set,if u need better environment to breathe.
Not only for us,but for you too.

Sadly,for now everything left as history.
Take care & i missing you,friend!(:
You're a god mistake! =D
I don't have any clue for getting jealous about you dating girls/girlfriends? Isn't that a normal thing for me to absorb,it didn't happened recently.You owe me an explanation,remember?.Since the day i met you on,** April !!!! at Raffles Place,you're not being sincere.You point out every of my mistake be it minor or major.You told me i didn't do my job as a girlfriend,i agreed.Tell me which girl will tolerate with this :

-Whenever we fought about the mistake u made,u denied & will NEVER admit.Nadd gave in,you took advantage.
-You hold me back from meeting my friends from both gender,not even once you gave.
-Harsh words,tantrums,violence is what u called u shower Nadd with care & love? NOT AT MY DICTIONARY! -.-"
-I told you politely,i wanted to move on.You held me back & same thing happened repeatedly.Do you know this word called "DAYUS?!"

Syafiq and i start a new phase,holding each other hands tightly to overcome setbacks in future,move on to the right path with a brighter and smarter thinking than what i went through with you,im not bossing around anyway!(:.Whereas,you are still stuck trying ur best to get my attention and act as if once u snap ur fingers,you're surrounded by cheapo girls.Don't waste ur effing time on me,as u always said to me "You'll do things in a hard way whereby there's a shorter route." For ur info my dear friend,solving problems in a shorter route doesn't work sometimes,you may feel delighted and relieved,but believe me it only last A FEW WEEKS or even days(: I keep on hinting you,there's no point of me being with u,i don't feel you treat me like ur expensive girlfriend.Im not saying that you were the want cause our break ups,i was the want seriously.Somehow,you've done ur part as a boyfriend.You did well enough but i cant face the truth that im battling my love & life with someone whom betrayed me for like zillion times? I started to fling,i agreed.I'm sorry for that(: It left as a history.I hope & grant that,you could just set me free and let Syafiq handle me,i believe he would able to do it.Stop your drama please! Stop sending me wrong msges,miss call & after all declared that u accidentally pressed.Your game i already accomplished! =D 2 Words of the day for you : Pretentious Jerk(:

Syafiq Syahmi,
You're the want whom I'm afraid of letting go.
You're the want whom i love like how Mother love their children's.
In another words, I LOVE YOU! =DDDD